The boy in neon 
youtube (2014 - current)
A big part of my interest in communication was crafted in this little place, which in my oldest project so far but also the one in which I keep working.
At 16, I wanted to share my opinion with the world outside my room, so I took my mother's camera, searched how to edit a video and discovered that I liked to connect with an audience in a big platform like YouTube.
My channel has no creative limits, but I especially like to talk about cinema, literature and pop culture.
1.  If I get an idea for a new video, I schedule which day of the week I will dedicate to work in the next three steps.
2.  I write a script to avoid going on a tangent. This takes me from 15 minutes to 1'5 hours, including a few readings.

3. I wake up early because I rather shoot with natural light, although I use a pair of torches for days with little sunlight.
I don't have a fancy equipment: my camera is a Canon 80D.
4.  I edit my videos with Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut.
(And tons of patience!)
5.  After uploading a video, the task is not fully completed. YouTube has a lot of content to offer, and this means that I take around 5 days to promote it on my social networks and keep interacting with my audience before letting it go.

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